Our Story

RUH is a treasure trove indeed of classy, timeless and elegant Chikankari luxury clothing and accessories for women, men and children. Our products are handmade and promote Indian artesian and craftsmanship. We’re inspired by strong influential women who do not follow the rat race trends and who prefer to buy what moves them emotionally.

RUH is the baby to mother daughter trio. Nearly two decades separate our ideologies but we share an inevitable bond. Our ageless designs will help RUH cross generational appeal. We have managed to merge our two styles while still nurturing the allure of our clothes.

RUH is controversial in its colours, extremely glamorous in its appeal, feminine in attitude and absolutely minimal in styling.

RUH fashion and clothing is designed for the glamorous soul. Every piece argually will resonate across all age groups. Our goal is to create beauty and things that make you happy and so RUH will be proud that we can stand out.

18 Rajpur Road
New Delhi –  110049
Contact Number : +91 9654271515, 9839326202
Get in touch with us via mail at ruhclothingofficial@gmail.com